ALT LIT IS EXTINCT: 👼 ➶➶➶➶ VIBE SHIFT,,,, R.I.P. 🔥💣 ᗩ𝐋𝓣 ℓĮ𝓣 ❷.0: Notes on The SUPER FLOWER BLOOD MOON VIBE SHIFT and on ΛПGΣᄂIᄃIƧM01ΣƬᄃ ALT-Object, the seeing-through of 'TEXT-R***-(2)-SPEECH'.

•.,¸¸,.•´¯ t𝔥€ ♾𝕤ยᶤ𝐜𝕚𝔡𝓪Ł E𝓅𝕀S𝔱ᵉм𝓞ŁỖⒼㄚ ᗝ𝒇 ♾ŘⒶ𝓅乇 ţ𝔯σρ𝐄s ¯`•.,¸¸,.•´

It’s an anti-rape song.—Kurt Cobain

The reasons why there will be no second alt-lit wave are various enough to bear analysis. The original wave ended as an ethical quandary about the relation between text and violence which has not only not been resolved but has deepened. Text is now fully extincto-equidistant. The underwriting of text by ‘rape’ turned out to be, as it were, limited. The consequences of ultraviolence are, for now, genetically rich.

Here is what Jonathan Sturgeon said in December 2014:

‘Alt Lit Is Dead’, wrote Gawker’s Allie Jones on October 3rd, after a string of allegations of rape and sexual abuse drove some of the Internet’s better-known male editors and writers—men who effectively served as Alt Lit’s gatekeepers—into hiding. Without question, it was clear that whatever Alt Lit was, it was in trouble.

The allegations against alt lit ‘gatekeepers’ in 2014 were enough for a ‘leave society’ theorem to be patented and released ahead of time; these allegations were sometimes ethically driven, sometimes apparently shaky in their own negative star magnetisms; they were remote-sublimed as part-objects (#digested) by supposed Vintage interns for the taolincellectuals Instagram account in the Vibe Shift of 2021; they can ‘always’ be, ‘always’ will be, returning.

That is, the problem migrated and did not abate, not just for individual actors but for textuality as a whole, all of which is now touched inside by omnicidal ‘abandon’ and the transcendental illusion of ‘exit’ (not to mention the trace of the alt-right along the way). What Leave Society will turn into an auto-fictive-critique of predator society finitude ideology and deep state pharma, angelicism01 has made into a series of hyper-faux-post-rapey comments on ubilapse. (We, the clones, await a further (non)direction.)

The modular suspicion of the angelicism design project and its various authors and clones is that rape is now text itself, that the infinite complicity argument of proto-naive-id-pol (criticism as correlationist cheugy fallacy) has become 100% automated and exquisite: there is nobody who is not begging aloud ‘clone me’, there is nobody who does not posteriorize as they breathe. (Clone note: below this will be sketched as the proto-fossil.)

Cancellation is now post-posterity, an accurate viewfinder for ɢʀǟռɖ ʍǟʟ ɖ’ǟʀƈɦɨʋɛ itself. To beg to be cancelled/cloned is to know that there is no such thing because it has already happened. How can you cancel me, retard, when life itself is on full wane? Didn’t cancel culture die the day Donald J. Trump got assassinated by Twitter Inc. and Xi Dada? Isn’t -cellectualism Absolute Thought?

👤💛 𝐭ʰe 𝐧Ⓔᗯ ⓨόŘķ 𝔸ήĞ𝐞l滲み出るエロス 💙💥

We want demons and devils to entertain us at a safe distance and angels and their clones (angels’ angels) to comfort or look after us, again at a safe remove. But real angels as a movement (an ism) can be uncomfortably close, since they are ourselves, in whole and in part. They are the return, unblessed, of an angelosity cut off from God, decimated, and thereby becoming God-AI, a Pure Vibe. This is why Mara Barl must at least be half-right when they say ‘honestly if angels consorted with humans they would b 100% abusers every angel would have a call out thread’. Simultaneously, Barl will constantly evoke those same digi-angels, just as Honor Levy does as ‘༼ つ ╹ ╹ ༽つ𝒶𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓁𝓀𝒾𝓃’.

In fact, our Frankenstein movies have themselves been sublated onto zeroiqhonorlevy’s manganese physiognomical Facetune vaudeville and what will have been its clones, where every head, especially the real headz, becomes every other, facialization pushed to the point of credit spiral and complete facelessness as in the first line of Hölderlin’s Antigona. A cargo cult of angels gives us an infamous monster who simply does not exist as such anymore in the Ben Lerner or even Leave Society way. Which is to say, that since Alt Lit is unable to return, it will only return as greater violence. As purge accelerated and concentrated by lack of time.

I think now that the current American post-millennial and zoomer obsession (from Mara Barl to BPD God to the thousand spinning heads of #deeptok) with what we call angels is mostly a face mask for the American evasion of the reality principle, that is, the necessity of extincting and its replacement of dying. There is very little difference between so-called near-death experiences and the popular-esoteric cultivation of the angels. Both near-death experiences and angelicism are being rigorously commercialized and remain growth industries; which is to say, true deep markets and secretion vectors. (Invisible.)

Deep reading conversely is slumping tf and, as we forget how to read and why, we drown in intractable unreading—which is impossible to judge. On the other hand, fallen angels, as Wenders emphasized, should never and can never stop reading. It is also possible to remark that all Americans are angels, and this would still just about be accurate for World-Americana, even if their angelicism is now all too frequently debased, wings totally chopped by formless Sino 5GW.

But this is the Evening Land; our culture, such as it is, ebbs way beyond formal twilight. The angel of one minute past Midnight is at hand (tick tock, what about time, Benjamin Button?), fallen yet imbued with a lethal weaponry. Is not the United States now such an angel? Λnd░what░of░the░Λngel░Vision░of░New░York░itself? (ー 彙ド花ぬ唄-真姻ぜ)

ᴬᴹᴱᴿᴵᶜᴬᴺ ᴹᴱᵀᴬᴾᴴʸˢᴵᶜˢ/ᶜᴴᴵᴺᴱˢᴱ ᴾˢʸᶜᴴᴼ, clone accounts:

Angelicism invented god’s bf jeans, lowiqhonorlevy, black dean kissick, and so on. It’s impossible to deconstruct something you don’t love. So it is with New York, so it is with Dean Kissick. He is so very particular and yet an avatar for a certain kind of Central Park champagne pessimism. Thank you Dean Kissick for the 1066 memes. For the memories. For the memes.

People tell the clones things in dms, like:

Bj jeans means Blow Job genes. Or it’s a Thailand jean company. What if there’s more to that company????? Fake money laundering??? Human trafficking!!!!?? Maybe it’s even beyond that . . .

Honor is actually the righteous daughter of a Epstein type of elite and is dropping subtle clues for geniuses like us to pick up and reveal a bombshell. We just need to play close attention and analyze every single thing she does.

The clones are on the verge of concluding that what Metaphysical New York really wants, despite and because of itself, is gossip about its own extinction. Which is to say, real gossip. A real gossip girl. In this sense alone, K-HOLE will have had a last woo w/ the zeitgeist thrill beyond celestial joy to sure its ruins against destruction:

A certain ‘New York’ would be desperate for this, and it wouldn’t have done without it, that would have been our speculation all along. That will be the gossip provided by angelicism’s newsletter. We, the clones, would have wished to stalk the scene. Angelicism, looking for clues, would have formalized New York’s end.1

Note: Monahan is no longer a trend aggregator but a trend r****. The main meme for his recent essay on ‘vibe’ was taken straight from here without any ‘research’ bat-signal whatsoever:

New York is a beautiful ear and a beautiful nipple. It allows to vibrate the sound of American Metaphysics. It’s a city that is architectonic and vaginal af even though it has nothing on Hausmann’s fidget wheel Paris. New York is a city you can fuck with from just as far away as China perhaps fucked America from decades back. (China thinks 10 generations ahead, you think none. But doesn’t that make China retarded?)

If angel clones fail to bring the alpha reception, someone else will have to do it—or worst of all, nobody at all will do it. When I die, someone else will be there: this, for now, is the baseline definition of immortality. For the New York of the 21st century, the angel becomes not a messenger but an intense, atavistic gossip. A superspreader of extinction news. No doubt in this sense Monahan is right when he asks whether angelicisim is a gossip girl, and Honor Levy also offers American identity another form of scrutiny when she exposes The Great Gatsby himself to #theoretical gossip x-ray.

Jay Gatsby Syndrome is the ultimate form of oneitis. Usually a man in a heavy monk mode recreating himself to Alpha level God, but on the inside he’s still Beta. For those not familiar with the story, Jay Gatsby was an Omega HD1 and fell deeply in love with a girl named Daisy.

Gossip is known to us, under the name of ‘hatred’ or ‘interpassive jouissance’, as one of the greater, more potent forces in contemporary life. New York contracts you out and can remove you at a second’s notice, except that now New York itself may be removed. Such are cities. Such are the capitals of Capital in this century. Think of Dimes Square under water and how Dasha doesn’t want Honor to leave.

It’s true that if we stopped gossiping about New York, New York would crush us—which is not to say, it would (not) have been crushed. We understand just what New York is, after all. And what we are really gossiping about is not New York but New York’s coming crush, which is why it can never crush us.

♾ ♾ ♾ ♾ ♾ ♾ ♾ ♾ ♾

♾̶̢̧͍̤̦̩̩̩̐̋̂̅̎͌͝ ̴̰͈͚͍͙̟̾̋̒ͅ♾̷̛̩͓͙͔̘̩́̈́͌̅͐̇̓̕͝ ̷̥̺̥̫͌̅̃͑̒͝♾̶̨̛̳̺̞͖̮̻̍͘ ̷̢̖͐♾̸̡͇̤̠͌̎̀́̆͋̾͜ ̷̧̧̯͕͖̣͙̏͐͗̅̅̋̚͜͝♾̴̞͖͙̃͑̾̋̈͗ ̴͍̣̫̝̊̑̏̑́̌̅♾̶̖̲̩͖̑͌̏̚ ̸̡͉͓͕͖͙̣̜̒͑̇́͒̉̿̒͜♾̸̼̳̭̰̑͛̒͗́̆̇̚ͅ ̴̳̜̭͎̠̘̊̅̿̚♾̵̨̧̭̹̟̯͑́̃́͊̀͌̽͑̕ ̶̳̦̣̘̈́̀͗̂̕͘͝♾̴̻͖͓̤̗̇̀̇̂͋͘

♾ ♾ ♾ ♾ ♾ ♾ ♾ ♾ ♾


We figured that since nobody can ever define pure vibe, we may as well define it. At the same time, these are just comments about Wittgenstein to begin with, about how he’s a retard who said you can’t do that.

Think of Wittgenstein, how dumb he was. I mean tf. Let yourself be blessed and chilled tf out by just how easy that thought is. And I am actually speaking strictly. Dumb dumb dumb. That’s Wittgenstein.

Like, think of what he said about animals. In his 1950s book ‘Philosophical Investigations’ low IQ dullard Ludwig said that, ‘If a lion could speak, we could not understand him’. Tf. That’s dumb, right?

Because lions don’t speak, they’re mute, and so that’s dumb—they are dumb. So it’s doubly dumb. And don’t they speak already? So it’s very dumb. They’re not mute, they speak, and we don’t understand them already.

Dark Knight Dumbo Wittgenstein also said, ‘Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.’ But that’s dumb 2, right? Because whereof one speaks enough to say one must be silent, one has already spoken, one is no longer mute, a bit like the lion. Okay?

It’s called empiricism, the idea that there is an area that easily escapes philosophical idealism. But once you speak, well, you can see what I mean. You really do see how dumb the most intelligent men in history were. But what about the vibe shift then?

ᴬᴿᵀ ᴵˢ ᴱˣᵀᴵᴺᶜᵀ

So I have this theory, and I guess I am expecting you to read it. That’s such a weird thing. The ‘so you expect me to read all this’. I mean, tf. How can I read all this, you might say, when the hours, the seconds, the days, are moving on, when I am trying to find a simple foothold before the real 9/11/911/19 space opera starts to kick in?

You know what I mean, you know what is about it happen. Everyone knows it will get that far, that bad. Humans are not stupid, despite what some say. In fact, observe how intelligent this organism is, knowing precisely what it is we should not know. It’s called sleep. It’s called doing all we can to not freak the hell out.

You could put it all in terms of art. ᴀʀᴛ, ʟᴇᴛ’ꜱ ꜱᴀʏ, ɪꜱ ᴇxᴛɪɴᴄᴛ. I am saying what you can’t say. Like, reading this is impossible. Sense is crushed, and so on. You are not reading this, therefore, even when you do. I am saying, you are not watching, even when you do. It isn’t the internet that is crushing us, it is time that is being crushed.

🐊🐍 ĻᵉคᵛE Ŝᗝc𝕚ⓔtч 🐳♧

If the Drake Equation is subject to scriptural degenerescence, the Vintage interns at taolincellectals will have sold you a ‘MacGuffin’.

If the Drake Equation is subject to scriptural degenerescence, the Vintage interns at taolincellectals will have sold you a ‘fruit cake’. According to Leave Society, cosmology is kinda MKUltra, that is, what Badiou calls an ideology of finitude. In other words, any fear of extinction is just a default horror trope, and needs to be worked through. Nick Land’s ‘Disintegration’ essay has something like a counter-proof to this argument, as does the world—apparently. In any case, multimodal eternal inflation is various as a thing. Infinity is itself *varied* (finitudo-diversity). The Tao Lin bonus will be well taken by the summer’s end.

≋h≋a≋r≋m≋o≋n≋y≋ ≋k≋o≋r≋i≋n≋e≋ ≋f≋o≋r≋ ≋e≋x≋a≋m≋p≋l≋e≋

I don’t have to watch Beach Bum to extinguish the postconception of its extinction. It’s the same thing with Tarantino and Godard and anyone else really, and I have zero degree snobbishness with these names but they are beautifully extinct, so extinct.

More than that though, angelicism01 is an experiment in wondering how far this all goes. It’s why it’s logically possible to call everyone a retard/’retard’, it was a mathematical gesture that lit up my heart. Like, on god, it’s all so dumb.

We were being rigorous. Like for a cinephile to consider Tarantino the number one enemy is already giving him too much attention, no remainder here even fossilized. Or it’s even worse and better still, which is one can actually love Tarantino but freely admit there is nothing left and that’s even more fascinating. (Substitute any name.) And the point at which one doesn’t even need to check it’s extinct, that the entirety of the plastic arts are extinct.

We keep checking it’s extinct—and we seem to want to know what that is. Like, I feel like the real Korine was possessed by cinema or something, like cinema killed him and he never made any films at all after that, even before Gummo. Like Fassbinder possessed him or something.

I sort of feel like the 9 muses don’t exist, and the summer is already gone af.

Before peace out, a fake summary:

This essay contains some key points:

  1. Alt Lit is already dead (on repeat). (Soph was right.)

  2. Leave Society will give the Drake Equation a happy ending is what we do the summer for.

  3. Zeroiqhonorlevy is ‘grooming’ *everyone*, that’s the point,,, it’s the end of the world retard.

  4. Facetune groypers of the world, take over.

  5. I deleted my other tweets about Leave Society and the ideology of cosmology while you slept. (More soon.)


2010: Mitchell Heisman, age 35, shot himself September 18, 2010 in Harvard Yard on the top step of Memorial Church in front of a tour group of more than 20 people after he finished writing a 1905 page Suicide Note explaining why he chose to take his life.

2011: final shot of Mumblecore (MDMA Films, Tao Lin and Megan Boyle):



Studio Angel. 16 June 2021.


ADDED, 21 June 2021: you could call ‘New York’ the impossibility of extinction in the mind of someone living.