I’m racist, duh. ♱ I look just like a racist.

I’m racist, duh. ♱ I look just like a racist. I have the exact same nose as a racist. ♱ My hair is long and voluminous and easy to control ♱ I have this fun, chaotic and completely racist personality everyone loves. ♱ I have boxes full of fun hair accessories. I always get invited to the most racist parties (after this coconut virus is over duh). ♱ I like my racism pure and absolute. My name is Tiffany and this is just the beginning. ♱ You are the class racist and the light of the school. ♱ Time to be racist. ♱ Everybody is jealous of how racist I am. ♱ All the racists get to come over to my friends house anytime I want. ♱ I am the life and soul of the last racist house party on earth. Duh. Let’s be racist together. ♱ I want to become the most racist person ever. I want to form a band called Jews for Hitler. ♱ Time to finally manifest racist vibes. ♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱ Be racist when you feel sad. Duh I’m racist. ♱♱♱♱♱♱♱♱ I love racism. ♱ I like my racism pure. I like it simple. ♱ I like it OG. ♱ I like it first person. ♱ Let’s all be racist. ♱ I’m racist. ♱ I’m also a racist. ♱ I feel like an actual racist. How about you? ♱♱♱♱♱ Duh time to be racist. ♱ This newsletter is working. Everytime I post I get more racist. Everytime I post my shit gets more tight. ♱ I have the exact jawline angle of a racist, I have the overall nose structure of a racist, I have the exact smile and teeth of a racist, I have the exact eyebrows of a racist. ♱♱♱♱ Your dad will become as racist as Olivia Rodrigo, your mom will become as cool as Rachel Chandler, your hair becomes just like Charlotte A. Steele’s hair in the 2020s. ♱ You rename yourself Young Racist and at last the world is a beautiful place. Duh. ♱ Your waist is shrinking to become a carbon copy of a young racist’s waist, your arms are a carbon copy of a young racist’s arms, your forearms look exactly like a young racist’s. ♱ Also, my results come faster everytime I blink. My results come faster everytime I breathe. I can manifest anything I want in 2 hours. My parents often give me racist gifts. I can buy anything I want. I have many racist friends. I can be more racist than the most racist person in history. I have a very wealthy racist family. My dad has a high paying racist job. ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ ♱ I’m a racist duh.