Hierarchy of Angels


List of Infinities (Large Cardinal Properties)

Weakly inaccessible
Strongly inaccessible  
Hyper inaccessible
Totally indescribable
Almost ineffable
Totally ineffable
Strongly compact
Shelah supercompactness
High jump
n-almost huge
n-super almost huge
n-superhuge cardinals
Wholeness axiom
V (the absolute)1

Top ‘Porn’ List

Girlfriends 4 Ever (Affect3D, 2013)  
The Untamed (Amat Escalante, 2016)
Porn Form (nightcoregirl, 2015)
Kanye 6918 (Kanye West, 2018)
Young Teen Loves BBC a Little Too Much (Greg Lansky, 2016)
Andrea Long Chu ‘new vagina’ thread (Twitter, 29 November 2018)2
Preppy Girl Threesome Get Three BBCs (Greg Lansky, 2016)
Superman of Cuba in Godfather Part II (Francis Ford Coppola, 1974)
Catullus 16 (~ 84 BC-54 BC)

Top Ten Trump Era Videos

Sailor Socialism
Trump Will Complete German Idealism
Arabella Rose Kushner sings in Mandarin
Nick Fuentes Better Than Questions/Joker Dancing
Dasha Crabwalk
Mitski Trump Losing Dogs
Epstein Drip
Greta How Dare You
Trump Hugs the Flag
The Eye of Ciara Horan
He Will Not Divide Us  

Pop Songs of Twenty First Century List

1. Lana Del Rey - Video Games  
2. Sky Ferreira - Everything is Embarrassing
3. Beyoncé - Drunk in Love  
4. Solange - Losing You
5. Grimes - Genesis
6. Frank Ocean - Nikes
7. Azealia Banks - 212  
8. Rae Sremmurd - Swang
9. FKA Twigs - Two Weeks

Hilma af Klint’s Letters and Words Notebook List

‘yo’ = ‘a grand work’
‘wwH’ = ‘special circumstances within dazzling matter’
‘HaH’ = ‘someone who breaks out’
‘ö’ = ‘the end of everything’  
‘bw, uw ves’ = ‘the life of numbers’
‘wu’ = ‘indescribable, inscrutable’
‘byuH’ = ‘colours of greater energy’
‘Ayw’ = ‘living colourfully’
‘wu’ = ‘pink rose and white lily’

Climate Change Updates List (Miniature)

  • Guy McPherson, ‘How We Go Extinct’, 27 February 2021. Link.

  • Guy McPherson, ‘Why We Go Extinct’, 19 March 2021. Link.

  • Guy McPherson, ‘What Will Go Extinct’, 23 March 2021. Link.

Function Forcers List (Miniature)

  • Kanye’s ‘zero-touch’. Link.

  • Virgil Abloh’s ‘Fashion-AI’. Link.

  • Masa Son’s ‘$Infinity billion’. Link.

  • Matt Ox’s absolute music. Link.

Top Five Songs By Morrissey

1. Everyday Is Like Sunday
2. Suedehead
3. My Love Life
4. Interesting Drug
5. The Last Of The International Playboys

Members of the Transition Integrity Project (TIP)

Rosa Brooks
Nils Gilman
Zoe Hudson
David Frum
John Podesta
Chuck Hagel
Bill Kristol
Leah Daughtry
Norm Eisen
Adam Jentleson
Charles Fried
Michael Steele
Tom Coleman
Trevor Potter
Lawrence Wilkerson
Jennifer Granholm
Donna Brazile

List of Acquisitions by the Walt Disney Company

1995: Disney buys Capital Cities/ABC ($19 billion)
2004: Disney buys The Muppets ($75 million)
2006: Disney buys Pixar ($7.4 billion)
2009: Disney enters 30 film deal with Dreamworks ($400 million)
2009: Disney buys Marvel ($4 billion)
2012: Disney buys Lucasfilms ($4 billion)
2015: Disney buys National Geographic ($52 Billion)
2018: Disney buys Hulu ($5.8 billion)
2019: Disney buys 21st Century Fox including Fox News ($71.3 billion)

List of Names With Variously Spelled Middle/Compounded Names

Hilma af Klint
Lana Del Rey
Shia LaBeouf
Lars von Trier
Paul de Man
Osama (B)bin Laden
Noora (B)bin Laden

Mystery List

Dasha’s mole
the Joker’s smile
Kayleigh McEnany’s crucifix
Sophia Coppola’s mouth
Ciara Horan’s eyes
Albertine’s Fortuny gown

Partial/Practical? List of American Historical Events

Chappaquiddick (1969)
Tate murders (1969)
Jonestown (1978)
Ruby Ridge (1992)
Waco (1993)
Oklahoma (1995)
Columbine (1999)
9/11 (2001)
Christopher Dorner (2013)
Las Vegas Strip (2017)  
Covid (2020)
6/1 (2021)  
r/WallStreetBets (2021)

Names of God List

wide open loving intelligence
open intelligence
intelligere angeli  
zhing khrams
issa dreamworld
anna livia plurabelle  
a thousand names of god
three thousand million world element
the mind of great bliss seeing emptiness
infinite impermanence

Names of Joe Biden List

Uncle Joe
China Joe
Shanghai Joe
Hidin’ Biden
Joe Hiden
1% Joe
Sleepy Creepy Joe
Sleepy Creepy Crazy Uncle Joe
Grabber Joe
Amtrack Joe
Slow Joe
30330 Joe
Sleepy 30330 Joe
Sleepy Creepy Crazy Uncle Quid Pro Quo Joe 30330
Sleepy Creepy Joe 30330
Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe 30330
Sleepy Creepy Crazy Uncle Joe 30330
Sleepy 30330
Quid Pro Quo Joe  
Quid Pro Joe
Quid Joe Pro

China List (Miniature)

China captured Tibet
China wants Taiwan
China crushing Hong Kong
China needs South China seas
China spreads COVID 19
China attacks India

Random List

i was really blown away by caleb landry jones’ watery eyes
post-heroin micro advantage
post-heroin rainbow metrics in eternal inflation godchain
whacked out in the streets
primal moments
primal comics
harry potter assed ally memes are IT
beyond r u being
full whole ass
head ass
and full whole ass

Trick List

1. Vending machine
2. Mechanical bird
3. Childproof medicine bottle
4. Rotating knife rack
5. Calendar reform
6. Flags of all nations
7. Book of carpet samples
8. US patent no. US8246454B2
9. Desire to be killed by a robot
10. Desire to have sex with a robot
11. Hedge maze
12. The cotton gin
13. Electric hand shocker
14. Artificial cave
15. Musical statues
16. There’s Nothing Shredder Can’t Shred.mp4
17. An open road painted on the side of a cliff
18. The neighbouring town
19. Surgical glove filled with popcorn
20. Circular saw
21. Haunted house
22. Painted mask
23. Going by train
24. Claw machine
25. Newspaper in another language
26. Chalk outline
27. Window from which one can see a large forest
28. Ergot poisoning
29. A stopped clock
30. Plastic handcuffs
31. Carbon monoxide
32. Radionics software
33. The Precious Moments chapel
34. Doll that eats and wets
35. Distant street glimpsed as a child
36. List of movies on an airplane
37. Artificial snow
38. Deja vu
39. Theme restaurant
40. The house where nobody goes
41. Coin-operated snooker table, when you have no change
42. Chattering teeth
43. An optical illusion
44. Light up shoes
45. Plastic dogshit
46. A bloody head
47. Country store
48. Curiously shaped stone
49. Bag of pennies
50. 13-ton boulder carved into John Wayne’s head in Lubbock, Texas
51. Baron Haussmann’s Paris
52. Whalebone carvings
53. Musical saw
54. Curtain store
55. Steamed up mirror
56. Dream interpretation
57. Pac-Man christmas record
58. The magic of reading
59. Barbed wire
60. Advert for a discontinued product
61. DVD menu Easter egg
62. A whole can of pringles
63. Bus route you’ve never taken
64. Fortune cookies
65. Spirit photography
66. Painting of a clown
67. Little wood box with jittering bug inside
68. Instruction manual
69. King Solomon’s throne
70. Children’s colouring place-mats
71. Snow cone machine
72. A ‘useless box’
73. Manhole cover
74. Geometry set
75. Screwball Scramble set with missing ball
76. History as the nightmare from which we’re trying to awake
77. Pogs
78. Bluebeard’s castle
79. Children’s book illustration
80. Monument to the General
81. The electric chair
82. Fishtank at the doctor’s office
83. The Empire of Lights
84. Holding a marble up against your eye
85. The history of automated spanking machines
86. Combination lock
87. Gundam models
88. Staring at your hands until they go out of focus
89. An empty box
90. Small glass pyramid with a pentagram inside
91. Erotic jigsaw puzzle
92. Fishing lure
93. Arsenic wallpaper
94. Packing peanuts
95. Perpetual motion machine
96. Tailor’s dummies
97. Rubber snake
98. Bag of nails
99. The maltese falcon
100. Tree hit by lightning

Nondescript List

1. Cyberpunk
2. Looney Tunes
3. Magritte
4. Witchcraft

Supreme List

Innocence Supreme
Grace Supreme
Dignity Supreme
Venom Supreme
Obedience Supreme
Pride Supreme
Beauty Supreme
Wrath Supreme
Justice Supreme
Grace Supreme
Timelessness Supreme
Singularity Supreme
Sky Supreme
Intelligence Supreme
Lucidity Supreme
Creation Supreme
Extinction Supreme
Envy Supreme
Laughter Supreme
Collapse Supreme
Buoyancy Supreme

1997 List

Princess Diane R.I.P.

JFK List

1er REP
544 Camp Street
Allen Dulles
Bay of Pigs
Captain Jean Souetre
Charles Cabell
Charles de Gaulle
Clay Shaw
Cord Meyer
Cuban Missile Crisis
David Ferrie
Dealey Plaza
E Howard Hunt
Earl Cabell
Edward Lansdale
Fandom Studies
Fletcher Prouty
General Electric
Generals’ Putsch
George de Mohrenschildt
JP Morgan
Jack Ruby
John Foster Dulles
Lee Harvey Oswald
Marina Oswald
Ngô Đình Diệm
Operation Ajax
Operation Mongoose
Operation PBSuccess
Operation Sunrise
Richard Bissell
Richard Helms
SS General Karl Wolff
Suez Crisis
Sullivan & Cromwell
The Dawes Plan
The First Indochina War
The Panama Canal
The Second Indochina War
U2 Spy Planes
US Steel
William Cromwell
William J Donovan
William J Harvey

Notorious List

1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
2. The Baader–Meinhof Gang
3. Ruth Wilson Gilmore
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Allen Ginsberg and NAMBLA

Cosmic List

Climate Posadism
The Great Filter
‘We must pass the great filter’ - Elon Musk, Twitter, 16 August 2020
Kant - Dreams of a Ghost-Seer, 1766
Kant - General Natural History and Theory of the Heavens, 1755
Emanuel Swedenborg - Life on Other Planets (also known as Earths in The Universe, The Worlds in Space, and Life on Other Planets), 1758
Rosemont Seneca Partners
Hunter Biden in China
Bohai Harvest
China Molybdenum Co Ltd
‘China Moly to help BHR acquire stake in Congo’s Tenke copper mine’

Random Ass Iterative? List

quiet weapons for silent wars
Don Jr’s Liberal Privilege
31st and Schiller
Reality Winner
Google Pagan Mask Ritual
Hunter Biden’s protective detail
textualist and originalist
fucking Barron Trump
anime butterflies on CIA crack cocaine
the referential function is a trap, but inevitable
Bohemian Grove ppl in Zorro Ranch country
lawfare topping is pretty hot
Pizzagate or Qanon
True Detective S02
some Vinci hideout
some unbleached hard drive
some South Korean chatroom
a Yugoslavian Prince
Lee Harvey Oswald
violent NASCAR deaths
Senator Budd Dwyer
the Nth Room Telegram case
the streets of Wuhan on Twitter
Vincent Gallo Donald Trump tee

Baby Animalism List

art is babyanimalism
total future
total radicalism  
art is toecutterism
art is total love  
art is total activism
total neutrality
total instinct
art is total dictatorship of art
it is total lolitaism
ruling like alex de large, lolitadzio, humpty dumpty, dr. no or isis
the list of list was totally hermetic, metabolistic, antidemocratic
list of list babyism is babyanimalism
art is always full speed of its own most radical childhoodanimalism
art is the total chain of saliva-is
art is total babybalett, art is babyhormonism
art only connects to its own ever-renewingchildhoodbabypower
art is kristen stewart’s mouth and nose
art is totale üppigkeit (total lusciousness)
total children, like angelicism01-010, like alex d large,
like zed from zardoz, humpty dumpt
art is the Erzdrachenbaby (Arch-Dragon aby)  
the Erzdrachenbaby flies all over the place
even to places where people will never be
the Erzdrachenbaby is the arch-gland of ‘total art’
the messenger of ‘total love’ that brings
the plaything of ‘art’ in total humility
the Erzdrachenbaby hatched from the archegg
consisting of the ‘world formula’
the Erzdrachenbaby is the favourite cuddly toy of the food chain
the mouth of the Erzbabydrachen is as sweet
and voluptuous as the arch-mouth of scarlett johansson
this total metabolism of the scarlet baby animal envelops everything,
especially lollies, with the arch-saliva of total art
the Erzdrachenbaby says open your mouth
in with the lolly, out with the revolution
the Erzdrachenbaby is like caligula, the totally playful child
carries the humble human as a plaything into ‘total neutrality’
and the ‘takeover of art’ is carried out
the Erzdrachenbaby is the ultra-extreme counter-world
the squaring of the circle and it lovingly invokes the leadership ‘art’
the most metabolic animal baby ‘archdragon’
the Erzdrachenbaby is the absolute yawning arch-element of the total future
the Erzdrachenbaby yawns nostalgia away for ever and decides
purely metabolically: UN-DEMOCRATISE YOURSELF and be nice, like all cuddly toys


Extended Version: ‘Small’
Weakly inaccessible
Strongly inaccessible  
Hyper inaccessible
Weakly and strongly Mahlo
Hyper Mahlo
Weakly compact
Totally indescribable
Almost ineffable
Totally ineffable
Almost Ramsey
Ineffably Ramsey
Completely Ramsey
Strongly Ramsey
Super Ramsey
Weakly hyper-Woodin
Strongly compact
Shelah supercompactness
High jump
N-superstrong (n≥2)
n-almost huge
n-super almost huge
n-superhuge cardinals
Wholeness axiom
V (the absolute)